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University Skating Club Schedule & Brochure

Please note: There are no skill level restrictions on USC sessions, but all of our Winter sessions are intended for skaters 12 years of age and older as of the beginning of the Fall/Winter session. 

To register: Fill in the Application Forms:  


By Mail: Mail the completed form with payment by cheque to the address included on the application form.

In Person: Bring the completed form with payment by cheque or cash to the arena 15 min prior to skating hours.  


Fall/Winter Season 2014-2015 Schedule & Brochure 

September 28, 2014 to March 29, 2015


Sunday 1                                           12:40- 1:45 pm

Intended for skaters 12 and older just starting out, already in CanSkate, and those working on tests including the Preliminary level and up. A 20-minute basic skating skills lesson is included at the beginning of each session.

*Helmets for Basic Skating Skills Participants

All CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5 (as determined by a USC coach) must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet while on any USC session in accordance with Skate Canada policy. Helmets with stickers of any kind applied to them are not acceptable per Skate Canada policy.


Fee: $347 (HST Included)

No skating: Oct. 13, 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 28, 2014

                       Jan. 4, 25, Feb. 15, 22, 2015 


Sunday 2                                           12:40 -2:00 pm

Intended for skaters working on at least one test at the Senior Bronze level or above or interested in Dance.

Freeskate Practice                                       12:40- 1:45 pm

Dance Practice (no jumping)                         1:45- 2:00 pm


Fee: $497 (HST Included)

No skating:  Oct. 13, 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 28, 2014

                      Jan. 4, 25, Feb. 15, 22, 2015 



Winter Power Skating Season 2015

January 11, 2014 to March 29, 2015

All USC power skating sessions are intended for skaters 18 years of age and older as of the beginning of the Fall/Winter session.


Sunday                                             2:10 - 3:00 pm

This session provides instruction in proper skating technique for hockey players. Lessons will cover forward and backwards skating, turning, and stopping as well as work on balance and using edges. Skaters will work in groups based on skill level. 

*Note: Skaters must wear hockey skates and a CSA-approved hockey helmet on the ice and bring a hockey stick. Full hockey equipment is encouraged, but not required.


Fee: $277 (HST Included)

Dates: Jan. 11, 2014- Mar. 29, 2015

No Skating: Jan. 4, 25, Feb. 15, 22, 2015


Guest Skating at USC

Guest skaters are welcome on our sessions, but skaters must be a current member of Skate Canada and guest fees must be paid 10 minutes before the session starts. 

Sun. 1 Guest fee:  $25 

Sun. 2 Guest fee:  $30


The University Skating Club reserves the right to cancel or reschedule sessions without notice.


See you on the ice!


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